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Make your new or existing Web site get results with the following services:

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Custom Professional Design and Branding that Fits Your Unique Business

Ecommerce Shopping Carts

Custom Programming and Database-Driven Applications

Brochures and Promotional Materials

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

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Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Email Marketing Campaigns

Technical and Sales Training

Direct Mail Campaigns

Customer Loyalty Programs

Telemarketing Scripts

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Sales Copy that Converts Web Site Visitors Into Customers

A/B Split Test Sales Copy to Find Most Messages that Best Call to Desired Action

Web Traffic Analysis:

  • Find Which Pages Drive Customers to Take Action
  • Determine Where Web Traffic Comes From
  • Identify Pages Where Your Readers Lose Interest
seo convert web visitors into customers
web site creation content that sells

Online Marketing Helps You Find More Paying Customers

eCommerce Gets All the Press,
But the Best Way to Build Most
Businesses Online Is to
Find Better-Qualified Leads

You've heard the hype about ecommerce. But chances are, your business doesn't sell online. So how can the web make your business more profitable? The web is a great place to:

  • Prospect Highly Qualified Leads
  • Influence In-Person Purchases

Prospecting Qualified Leads Through Online Marketing

You may have the best salespeople anywhere. But without enough leads to keep them busy, you can't reach your full sales growth potential.

More importantly, you've got to provide the right leads, because a lead is far more than a contact. It's someone who has expressed interest in your product or service. Even better is when they request information about what you do.

Influencing In-Person Purchases

40% of all major off-line purchases are first researched online, according to the American Marketing Association. If your customers aren't finding the information they need on your web site, they likely look to your competitors.

If they don't find compelling reasons to contact you on your web site, you'll never even know how much income you lost.

It's unfair. Maybe it's even profiling. But recent research shows how visitors to your web site judge what they feel about it's look not in 10 seconds, as we previously thought, but in .2 seconds. If they like what they see, you've got another 3-8 seconds to convey the benefit they came for... or they're gone forever. A simple click of the browser back button is a gavel tap unfairly judging your site.

So it's critical that in those first few seconds that you catch prospective customer's attention with benefits they care about.

Build Your Business Online...
With No Hype or Empty Promises

What do online and traditional business have in common? Almost everything! The concepts remain the same. The methods are all that changed. For instance, every business online or off must do the following to succeed:

  • Find new clients or customers... Prospecting
  • Point out the benefits of your product... Make Your Case
  • Close the sale... Conversion


In the offline world, you primarily prospect through traditional advertising and word of mouth. On the Web, you use Search Engine Marketing (SEM), including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Pay-Per-Click is the quickest way to get results. You simply pay Google, Overture, MSN, or other search engines to serve up text advertisements for your site. However, you pay for every potential lead. PPC provides a great way to quickly get your marketing efforts off the ground.

Search Engine Optimization consists of:

  • Making your site easy for the Search Engines to find
  • Building great content for Google, Yahoo, MSN and others to include in their search results
  • Link Campaigns to get others to link to you

Learn More About Online Prospecting

Make Your Case

People go online to solve problems. If they don't find them on your site, they try your competitors. So why do so many sites fail to focus on showing how their products solve problems?

I'll let you in on a little secret. Most Web site content is created by one of two types of people:

  • The technician who built the site
  • The business owner

The last person who should write your online marketing copy is your "Web guy". "Techies" make the Web possible. They can deliver your message with attractive presentation and colors. Just don't count on them knowing how to write the sales copy. It's not what they do.

On the other hand, business owners knows their product, probably better than anyone else. Often that knowledge becomes a handicap. You may be tempted to write your own sales copy. In the sales classic "The Closers", the author states that effective sales is only 10% product knowledge.

The rest is knowing step-by-step how to sell. Online, you sell with the written word as your voice. There's a reason why direct mail copywriters make tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for the ads they write. It's because they understand the science of persuasive writing.

There are key ways in which copy on the Web differs from other written sales copy. We'll help you create copy that works online.

Learn More About Writing that Gets Action


Once you make your case, move in for the close. If you've spent any time in sales, you know the truth of Zig Ziglar's statement, "If you don't know how to close, you don't know how to sell." He goes on to ask, "What is the average commission in the area you work in on the sales you almost made?"

Of course, you get nothing for the sales you didn't quite make, no matter how close you got. You get full commission on the ones you barely made.

Most Web sites perform miserably in converting prospects to sales. Many online marketing "gurus" proclaim as gospel that you can't typically convert more than 1% of the visitors to your site into buyers.

Perhaps they are happy with that. However, Web site owners who understand the rules of making their case and closing the sale online may enjoy 10%+ conversion rate. That's a 1,000% performance chasm between those who understand the online sales process and those who merely claim to.

Most Web site failures are completely avoidable. Most of the scientifically proven direct marketing techniques that sold millions of dollars worth of products over the last 100+ years also work on the Web. You'll find very few differences between effective online and offline sales copy. I'll teach you some of them on this site, and still more in my Online Marketing Advisor Newsletter.

Learn More About Web Site Conversion

Next Steps

If you are looking for solid, measurable gains in your Web site efforts, Online Marketing Advisor is here to help. We limit the growth of our company so we can give you the individual one-on-one attention you deserve.

Browse this site. See if our message strikes a chord with your way of doing business. If you feel strongly that your online marketing dollar deserves to be proven with measurable gains, give me a call at (801) 859-5126 to schedule a free consultation. We'll be happy to work with you to explore how we can help grow and streamline your business.

-Steve Myers


Online Marketing

Get more traffic to your web site:

  • Pay-Per-Click Google and Overture Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization - Free Web Traffic

Learn How Online Marketing Builds Your Business


Writing that Calls to Action

Words sell. Fancy graphics don't. Programming can't. Persuasion follows patterns known to direct ("junk") mail and other advertisers. But chances are, the words on your web site weren't crafted by a marketer.

Improving your message is the best way to make your web site, mailers, and email campaigns perform better.

Learn How To Get Better Response Using More Effective Words


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Effective Search Engine Optimization brings traffic to your web site without paying for every visit

Learn How Search Engine Optimization Attracts Potential Customers


Web Site Conversion

Getting visitors to your site is great, but they don't put money in your pocket. You've got to get them to do something once they get there.

Learn How Web Site Conversion Turns Visitors Into Customers



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